Michael Ford aka Vincent

Real Name

Michael Ford










BZRK Twitcher


BZRK, BZRK Reloaded, BZRK Apocalypse, BZRK Origins (mentioned only)

Michael Ford aka Vincent was BZRK's cell leader in New York before being incapacitated in BZRK by Bug Man. He has since then recovered, and now supervises the Cathexis base in Antarctica, where Lystra is held. He has proven himself to be a strong and remarkable leader, and a friend to his fellow BZRKers. He suffers from anhedonia, a hereditary disease that denies him the ability to feel pleasure.


According to BZRK, Vincent is in his twenties. He's a trim, average-sized guy with carefully barbered brown hair and a downturned mouth. He has brown eyes, a slightly curved nose and a faint scar that extends half an inch below his lips. He is also described to have very serious brows.


Early LifeEdit

The UN IncidentEdit

Vincent was in charge of protecting the US President, Helen Morales along with Nijinsky. However, a fight with Bug Man caused the death of one biot. He has since then spent time trying to recover.

Back from MadnessEdit

After Monte Morales was killed by his wife Helen, the US President, BZRK New York decided to get Vincent back by cauterization with the help of Sadie. After the successful cauterization he had somewhat gained back some of his energy and sanity, being at 'seventy percent'. It was then that equipped with a new Version 4 biot, attacked Bug Man and his nanobots and won.

Assault on Cathexis baseEdit

Vincent, along with Anya, Wilkes and Sadie went to Cathexis base in Antarctica to kill Lear with some help from a strike team led by Tanner. When Lear was defeated, Vincent was with Sadie when she had ordered Mew York nuked. He has since then stayed in Cathexis base, supervising it and its prisoner, Lear.

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