Sadie McLure


Sadie McLure












Grey McLure - Father Stone McLure - Brother

Sadie Mclure is the daughter of Grey Mclure and the sister of Stone Mclure. After Stone and Grey died in a plane accident, she was recruited by by BZRK. She owns 3 biots as of BZRK Reloaded, one of them a fourth generation, and she carries her biots on a glass chain she has around her neck.

She is romantically involved with Keats, AKA Noah Cotton.

After BZRK Edit

At the end of BZRK apocalypse we see a 12 years later page. This shows that Sadie owns a pizza place called Poets Pizza, and she is still friends with Wilkes and Bug Man (Anthony), and their two kids. After Noah's death she becomes an alcoholic, as she was grieving over the loss. Because of this, the remaining members of BZRK rewire her brain to forget about her love for him. She visits Noah's mom and tells her about his death, saying that he died a hero.

10000 miles away, Vincent, or now known as Michael Ford takes control over a skeleton crew in order to maintain a prison. The prison contains one prisoner, who is believed to be Lear.

Appearance Edit

Sadie is defined as pretty, but can turn her beauty on whenever she wants. She has dark hair, brown eyes and cute freckles. She is 16 years old. Sadie is a strong willed girl who was very rich, so she knows how to take control of people and put them in order.

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